Ultimate skin care tips ~

Hi lovelies.

So in recent months I’ve noticed more girls asking me what I do for my skin…

Let me start off by mentioning that if you knew me on a personal level in high school- you’d  know how much I complained about my skin and its breakouts. (*It was an emotional time*)

Fast forward to the now, and I’m still going strong on the habits I changed back then to help my skin improve. I can now confidently say that I am happy in the skin I’m in.  I want to share with you guys the 7 habits that I know were a succes to better-looking & glowy skin! 

Starting with #7 is Green Tea 🍵

Don’t mean to sound obsessive but green tea is literally the holy grail for a variety of things. Weight loss, energy among many others. With a big one, of course, being an antioxidant for your beautiful, holy body. Green tea is abundant in antioxidants that help your skin protect from free-radicals and other nasty things in the air. Trust. Just trust.

All you really need is 1 cup a day to see its benefits. If you don’t want to drink green tea everyday (somehwhat like moi cause tbh I’m a coffee addict) Drink it 3x a week only to still see results. Simple.

#6. Which hazel Face Toner

Oh, those PH levels can make us or break us. Your PH levels determine the outcome of your skin! There is many ways to balance your PH Levels. A salt bath, and according to some, a bath in apple cider vinegar also helps.

However face-wise/skin-wise a facial toner should be one of your bathroom best friends. Balancing those PH Levels will help to prevent future breakouts. It is also very gentle on the skin so don’t worry about putting it on  after using a cleanser. As always, find one that works best for you. I can offer some recommendations for you as well.



#5. Facial Cleanser

The most obvious one here. Cleanse the face! It is extremely important that you find what works for you! Know your skin as stated in #4.

#4. Knowledge of SKIN!

You know you better than anyone. Do you have combination skin? Do you have oily skin? Do you have dry skin? Do you not know and need to test it out?

The reason I gave this thought it’s own separate section is because some people may not realize it’s importance.

Not knowing your skin type not only affects the kind of facial cleanser you use. But it also determines what facial masks, face lotions, and face makeup (like primers and foundation) you will put on. It is important you are using ingredients and products that are going to make you and not BREAK YOU! (OUT..LOL🙃)

#3. Healthy eating habits

Okay, but let me be crystal clear transparent here. I am not a meal prepper, nor do I know any fancy recipes that are “healthy, but also delicious.” Not me. Maybe one day.

However, I do believe that you should be paying attention to how much bad goes into your body. And also try your best to intake the good. I still eat Mickey D’s but if I eat too much of it I will find ways to make I’m balancing the bad with the good. For example- exercise and more fruit and veggies smoothies. 😋

#2. A little exercise (Seriously, a little.)

A bit goes a long way. Seriously… AGAIN, I am not the healthiest cupcake around, but I do take pride in keeping up with myself to a point where I’m confident and satisfied.

3x of 20-30 minute of cardio per week is better than sitting at home watching a million episodes on Netflix. Even just walking the dog a little longer than usual will take you a few steps further. We don’t have to be Olympic Athletes to have beautiful skin. As long as we’re keeping the blood pumping to a healthy degree, we should have that radiant and glowy skin.



Okay I lied about green tea being the holy grail of many things. This one wins.

A smile a day keeps our mental and emotional health in a good state.  Take a deep breathe of fresh air, and just fake a smile. You will see this has a positive psychological effect on your mind. Smiling can make you  more vibrant. More loving. More happy. All of which helps decrease stress, anxiety, and other issues that can affect our outer layers of the whole beauty that you are! 🙂

I hope there was some helpful tips and some inspiration! I just want to remind everyone that the truest and purest beauty lies within. Your being and your heart. Don’t let anyone make you feel incomplete or insecure because of any skin conditions you may have. Be bold no matter what and have confidence in any and every type of skin you were given. Confidence and kindness goes longer than any form of vanity. With love forever. 💗 

xoxox 💋


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